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Sunne Cover for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Sunne Cover for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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Slim leather phone case with good grip and protection for Samsung Galaxy 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The Sunne Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Cases serves with good protection and better grip while simultaneously looking real fashionable. Give your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra a sophisticated look, choose from a variety of colours. The backside of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra tends to be really slippery, that is why we have made a special phone case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with extra good grip and a slim fit. All the buttons have precise cutouts so you will be able to access everything, the phone case is also compatible with wireless charging so you never have to detach and re-attach the case.

Sunne Collection - Handcrafted premium products with a mix of fabric and exclusive vintage leather.

The Sunne collection is a master of discreet and true luxury. By unifying sharp tailoring and genuine vintage leather you get a sleek and elegant cover wrapping your phone in a sophisticated style. The genuine leather of Sunne ages with beauty and by following your adventures it matures and gets even smarter over time.


We recommend you to check out the rest of the Sunne Collection as we have matching phone wallets, power banks, wireless chargers, and AirPod cases; all in full grain leather.

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